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Why Choose ActUp Theater?

ActUp Theater, Inc., is an inner-city regional community non-profit theater that has become a vital part of the community. We work in the northend’s most destitute area of our city. We serve hundreds of students, teachers, artists and community members. We provide opportunities to be trained by noted professionals and create main stage productions and it all for free! Through ticket, merchandise sales and donations we have been able to cover our operating cost.

We are not just an art program – we are change makers!

We have a social justice theme in all our shows that gives voice to many that have been silent or overlook for far too long. Many dignitaries and media outlets have recognized the quality and high standards. Most importantly, we are creating lifelong memories, learning about the arts, developing talent, providing mentorship and make friends from all over the region.

Beyond that, plays are incredibly valuable for all sorts of reasons. Here are just a few of the things that plays do:

  • Build community
  • Provide performance opportunity on and off stage
  • Create life-long memories
  • Improve speaking and presentation skills
  • Build new friendships and teamwork
  • Build confidence and social skills
  • Motivate students and encourage good behavior
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!!

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The Company

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